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The real value of real estate in Paris

Publié le 12 décembre 2017 à 4:15 Comments commentaires (0)

To answer to difficult questions such as : What is the future value of the real estate ? Is it worth to still invest in Paris Area? Many micro economic and macro economic elements should be taken into account:  

Negative elements: The economic contest is of a weak growth. More or less it would be probably the same the same in the next 5/10 years. Average Salaries would in the next 10 years have a very slight growth. French taxes are absolutely delirious and globally things imp...

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How to invest in France with cash.

Publié le 11 décembre 2017 à 8:15 Comments commentaires (0)

Notwithstanding cash is not in itself a crime, it could be difficult to invest in real estate with cash. In fact European legislations (luckily) require to each investor to justify the origin of the money.This is a good thing to avoid the international laundry of money coming from terrorism and from other illegal activities. 

So how can justify your legal cash that you have amased in a bid to conduct a business or a real estate investment in France or elsewhere in Europe? How can y...

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